010460-30-40 | WHP R500 Nozzles, .281″×.030″×4″

Miaoke SKU: 714-076-1016-R5

Waterjet nozzles for Flow Waterjet Cutting Machine. Premium Quality to replace Roctec 500 Part Number: 010460-30-40, 1000004-30-40 and Ceratizit Premium Nozzles.

Replaces P/N: 1000004-30-40
MOQ: 10


714-076-1016-R5010460-30-40, 1000004-30-407.14×0.76×101.6.281"×.030"×4"
714-089-1016-R5010460-35-40, 1000004-35-407.14×0.89×101.6.281"×.035"×4"
714-102-1016-R5010460-40-40, 1000004-40-407.14×1.02×101.6.281"×.040"×4"
714-127-1016-R5010460-50-40, 1000004-50-407.14×1.27×101.6.281"×.050"×4"
714-152-1016-R5010460-60-40, 1000004-60-407.14×1.52×101.6.281"×.060"×4"
714-178-1016-R5010460-70-40, 1000004-70-40, 002890-70-407.14×1.78×101.6.281"×.070"×4"
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