Complete P3 Cutting Head Assembly, Paser 3

Miaoke SKU: DTF100Z-C

Paser 3; Sginle-Inlet; To Replace Flow Genuine Waterjet Parts Complete P3 Cutting Head Assembly. The Defaulted On/Off Repair Kit Is High Cycle Type WXF100-BH. (You can also select Standard type WXF100-BM).

Replaces P/N: -
MOQ: 1
1DTF211003840-1, TL-004017-1I-2 Air Actuator, Insta 2, Normally Closed
1DTF222010104-1, TL-004016-1I-2 On/Off Valve Body, Insta 2
1DTF231002895-1Collar w/screw, On/Off Valve 3/8"
1DTF264N/AAdapter; for Collar DTF231, 1/4" ID
1TY3M1FA-0792-13/8" Male to 1/4" Female, with Bullet
1DTF241001995-1, TL-002001-1Nozzle Body, Short, Length 4.33"
1DTF252004096-1I-2 Retainer, Insta 2
1DTF1131-12765Mixing Chamber, Signle-Inlet, Paser 3
1DTF122N/ANozzle Clamp, Paser 3
1DTF132N/AAbrasive Inlet
1DTF142009941-1Nozzle Retainer Collet, Paser 3; Copper
1DTF152048149-1Spray Shield; Blue
1WXF100-BH010200-1, TL-004010-1I-2 On/Off Valve Repair Kit, Insta 2, High Cycle
BOM of P3 Cutting Head Assembly

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