Standard Procedure of Complaints

Jun 09,2022

Process of Customer Complain

Standard Procedure of Complaints

What should customers do?

  1. 1) Keep all the evidence, including videos, photos and products (must contain the mark & code on the products) related to that complaint. We will not accept complaints without necessary evidence.
  2. 2) Follow our sales rep's guide and submit all materials.

Timing of Complaints

  1. 1) All complaints will be responsed within 24 hours
  2. 2) Standard Solution or extra compensation will be offered in 7 workdays after publishing the inspectation result
  3. 3) Emergency solution can be provide if there is a need
  4. 4) All complaints will be closed with 14 days. If the products need to be returned to the factory for inspection. The comlaint will be closed within 30 days. (Customer's delay reponse or delivery will not be counted.)

Inaction Feedback

If you are not satisfied with our sales rep's service, you can send email to [email protected] or fulfill the satisfaction survey(click)