Why Customers Choose WHP Diamond Orifices

Highest Performance Ever

WHP diamond is made with monocrystalline diamond, which is far better than polycrystalline diamond

The lifetime is usually more than 1,000 hours, which is 30 times more than that of ruby orifices

2 times per year or 50+ times per year? A WHP diamond orifice helps to reduce orifice-related downtime

Reduce the risk of the jet stream misalignment which is casued by frequent orifice replacement

Lowest Operating Cost Ever

We never settle for less! Customers want low cost, but that doesn’t mean they need the lowest unit price. When it comes to an orifice, that means customers want low operation cost (cost per hour).

Save at least 20% on cost per hour with WHP

The cost per hour of WHP diamond is even lower than ruby and sapphire

Longest Warranty Ever

Each of WHP diamond cutting heads guaranteed for at least *600 hours

-If the actual life of the WHP diamond cutting head does not reach 600 hours, Miaoke will refund the amount according to the percentage of missing time.

-If the unit fails to work within one week of delivery or 20 hours of proper installation, Miaoke will refund the full amount or replace a new unit.

Refund method: Order deduction or refund via PayPal

(*600 hours or 4 months from ship date and must be used with Short Stop Filter)