Introducing the Enhanced DTK100-C

Your Affordable and Durable Replacement for H2O Jet IDE III

We are pleased to introduce another exciting update in our product range at Miaoke Precision: the evolution of our diamond cutting head model DTK100-C.

This re-designed DTK100-C boasts the same modifications as the previously announced DTK100-A upgrade, with aesthetic alterations to both the clamp nut and the mixing chamber (cutting head body). The functionality of the product remains unchanged, ensuring that our customers can continue to rely on the high-quality performance that they have come to expect from Miaoke Precision products.

The newly improved DTK100-C is particularly significant as it is designed to replace the H2O Jet IDE III (3rd Generation) diamond cutting head. We are proud to offer this replacement that not only matches the original H2O Jet's product lifespan but also provides superior cost-effectiveness. This step is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering excellent products that cater to our customers' specific needs and budgets.

Once our current stock of the old model DTK100-C has been depleted, the upgraded model will be fully available. We anticipate this transition to be seamless and believe it will serve to strengthen our distributors' position in terms of legal and regulatory compliance.

Old Style (left), New Style (Right)

At Miaoke Precision, we will continue to uphold our dedication to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We hope that these changes to the DTK100-C diamond cutting head will exemplify our unwavering commitment to all our stakeholders.

Look out for more details on the availability of the improved DTK100-C diamond cutting head. To assist with your decision-making process, we will be adding a diamond cutting head selection chart at the end of this news release.

If you have any questions or require further information about our products or the upcoming changes, do not hesitate to contact our team. As always, we thank you for your continued support of Miaoke Precision!

DTK100-C | Diamond Cutting Head Assembly

New Style
WHP #Reference #Description
DTK100-C018301329-1-07.007”/0.18mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-C025301329-1-10.010”/0.25mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-C030301329-1-12.012”/0.30mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-C033301329-1-13.013”/0.33mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-C035301329-1-14.014”/0.35mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-C038301329-1-15.015”/0.38mm Diamond Orifice
Other size available upon request

DTK100-C | Diamond Cutting Head Assembly With Short Stop Filter

With Short Stop Filter
WHP #Reference #Description
DTK100-CL018301329-1-07-SSF.007”/0.18mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-CL025301329-1-10-SSF.010”/0.25mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-CL030301329-1-12-SSF.012”/0.30mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-CL033301329-1-13-SSF.013”/0.33mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-CL035301329-1-14-SSF.014”/0.35mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-CL038301329-1-15-SSF.015”/0.38mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
Other size available upon request

*Short Stop Filter is also known as: SSF, Diamond Guard Filter, Thimble Filter, Last Chance Filter, Witch Hat Filter