Presenting the Upgraded DTK100-A

An Economical and Reliable Alternative to KMT IDE II

We are delighted to share another significant development in our product lineup at Miaoke Precision : the advancement of our diamond cutting head model DTK100-A.

Our upgraded DTK100-A incorporates aesthetic modifications to the clamp nut and the mixing chamber (cutting head body) without any changes in functionality or other components. These enhancements underscore our dedication to product design and our commitment to providing high-quality performance that our customers have come to associate with Miaoke Precision.

This improvement in DTK100-A carries considerable importance as it is intended to substitute the KMT IDE II (2nd Generation) diamond cutting head. We are proud to announce that our replacement model competes favorably with the original KMT product in terms of service life and offers superior cost-effectiveness. This move represents our ongoing dedication to delivering top-tier products that meet our customers' specific needs and budgets.

Upon exhausting the stock of the previous version of DTK100-A, the new model will be fully available. We foresee a smooth transition and believe it will help fortify our distributors' standing concerning legal and regulatory compliance.

Old Style (left), New Style (Right)

At Miaoke Precision, we will keep up our commitment to delivering exceptional products and outstanding customer service. We believe these enhancements to the DTK100-A diamond cutting head will showcase our ceaseless dedication to our clients and partners.

Stay tuned for more information on the availability of the updated DTK100-A diamond cutting head. To aid in your selection process, a diamond cutting head selection chart will be included at the end of this news release.

If you have any questions or need more information about our products or upcoming changes, our team is ready to assist you. As always, we are grateful for your continuous support of Miaoke Precision!

DTK100-A | Diamond Cutting Head Assembly

New Style
WHP #Reference #Description
DTK100-A01820477959007.007”/0.18mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-A02520477959010.010”/0.25mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-A03020477959012.012”/0.30mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-A03320477959013.013”/0.33mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-A03520477959014.014”/0.35mm Diamond Orifice
DTK100-A03820477959015.015”/0.38mm Diamond Orifice
Other size available upon request

DTK100-A | Diamond Cutting Head Assembly With Short Stop Filter

With Short Stop Filter
WHP #Reference #Description
DTK100-AL01820477959007.007”/0.18mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-AL02520477959010.010”/0.25mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-AL03020477959012.012”/0.30mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-AL03320477959013.013”/0.33mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-AL03520477959014.014”/0.35mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
DTK100-AL03820477959015.015”/0.38mm Diamond Orifice, w/ SSF*1
Other size available upon request

*Short Stop Filter is also known as: SSF, Diamond Guard Filter, Thimble Filter, Last Chance Filter, Witch Hat Filter